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Bounce Back With A New Look!

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Do you have the best landing page for your business? Is your website working for you and is it generating the business it could?

High-end landing pages are an essential component of any business looking to generate leads, boasting an impressive 5.31 - 11.45% conversion rate on average.

Landing pages enable businesses to cater to targeted audiences with specific information and touch-points.

Successful landing pages will persuade a visitor to perform an action resulting in that lead converting thus increasing the chance of a sale.

Visitors of a site have short attention spans and a strong desire for immediate results. They need to be captivated by a landing page within seconds of clicking onto it.

We've designed and built an immeasurable number of landing pages for clients, so we’ve put together the top 5 mistakes most people make:

  • Your Design is Messy

Visitors find it difficult to locate or access the information they wish to see.

  • Your Copy is Over-complicated & Crowded

There is too much text on the site which can affect mobile user experience, or it makes no sense to the common visitor increasing the bounce rate.

  • Who Are You Looking to Target?

The site is not designed or geared towards the target buyer persona and therefore the chance of the "perfect" visitor converting is low.

  • A United Front! Ad Copy & Landing Page Matches

The text on the website or landing page contradicts what is advertised online. Mixed signals or missing information results in untrustworthiness and loss of potential business.

  • Track & Test For Improvements

A website or landing page is an evolving thing. The mistake would be to design, develop and set live yet never build upon it according to changing times or trends.

Our custom high-performing, responsive websites are developed to show off your best features to the world and that you’re open for business.

We emphasise powerful content, push vivid visuals and key details for a fluid user experience and targeted results.

Your website is the shop window for your brand, and you want the right people to stop, admire and engage.

Our team creates a seamless and inviting customer journey at every stage with beautiful design and cutting-edge development.

We conduct thorough market research and competitor analysis before we begin looking into the design stage to ensure that everything we create is in line with your goals and your message.

From our analysis we highlight your most attractive USPs to attract your audience and beat the competition.

With Google best practices in mind, all of our websites are designed and developed to be responsive across all devices with high-quality SEO and an impenetrable structure to ensure it delivers the best ROI possible.

We take pride in our work and work methodically to offer a complete service which includes:

  • Full competitor analysis

  • In-depth market research

  • Creation of user personas

  • Creation of a brand new website or assessment and recommendations for improvement with your current site

  • High-quality SEO including code and speedy page loading

  • Copywriting designed to convert

  • High-quality Information Architecture

  • Industry-leading web development standards

  • Bespoke software solutions

  • Full search optimisation (including site speed, meta and title tags, social media integration)

  • Full testing and validation

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