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Patience Isn't Just a Virtue...It's Profit!

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

“When will I see results?”

This is one of the most common questions that our clients ask us and it shows the very real risk many businesses take with their paid marketing.

When you build marketing objectives that are purely focused on results, the chances of success are limited. This is because you need to communicate value to your customers as the first priority to ensure that you are skilfully navigating every essential stage of your buying funnel.

Too often, businesses are tempted to throw money into short-term paid campaigns without making the effort to create and establish brand credibility or build and nurture strong client relationships. But this simply means that any results will be low quality – even if you do see positive returns, these will likely only have a short-term impact on your business. You also risk undermining your brand in the eyes of your target client because you’ve chosen to focus on short, sharp results instead of long-term and far more valuable gains.

If this sounds like a familiar situation, don’t panic. We live and work in an instant gratification culture perpetuated by social media and online activity where everything we want or need is instantly accessible at the click of a button. This culture does not naturally align with the long game of content marketing which offers strong potential to foster ongoing leads and relationships for invaluable return on investment.

Unlike paid campaigns, your content continues to provide solid return on investment as it remains online and fully available to an active audience that can gain real value from your products or services.

High quality, original content will showcase your brand as an expert in their niche and demonstrate the knowledge and value that your business can offer to every client.

Unique content published on a regular basis will provide key insights into your target audience, allowing you to consistently mould your content marketing and attract key consumers for a continuous cycle of positive business growth.

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