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5 Books You Need To Read in 2021 If You Haven't Already

80% of books that you read are not useful! What!?

Okay let's take a step back and explain.

That statement should have been "80% of books that i've read are not useful".

I think we can all agree that there are a lot of books in the same category that share the same message and truly feel like they've all just copied each other.

It seems that after completing a new book you're left with the notion that there was no unique idea that you haven't already come across in similar books.

What we've done is put together a shortlist of books for you, that in our personal opinion, found conveyed unique ideas and thought processes.

This is completely subjective so opinions may differ and covers an array of departments, but we feel these are some crucial books you should seriously consider reading.

1) “The 48 Laws Of Power” - by Robert Greene

The best book on social intelligence.

People who are looking for a more traditional business book may argue that there are better books in selling or negotiating as examples, but what this book teaches is the how to with social engineering aspect applied to it using real world examples which can be applied to both your personal and professional social realms.

2) “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” - by Robert Kiyosaki

This influential book opens the floodgates in changing your understanding of money and wealth.

What this book teaches is a change in mindset as a means to develop a practical plan in how to achieve your goals.

It doesn't offer the "do this and you will make a lot of money" pot of gold that many might want, but it goes deeper and seeks to change your mindset in the understanding of money, your job and business acumen.

3) “Mastery” - by Robert Greene

This book comes at number three because it's a book that looks to aid someone at a crossroads.

It attempts to teach the reader how to find their passion and how to master that passion in such a way as to bring meaningful success without losing the motivation to keep pushing beyond the plateau line.

The book seeks to provide answers for why we lose motivation when chasing our passions and how to avoid the dreaded "this isn't for me".

Our fourth and fifth choices step away from the material space and enter into a spiritual realm to find the internal satisfaction. Ask yourself "why?".

Why do i want to improve my social intelligence and interactions?

Why do i want to make a lot of money?

Why do i want to achieve mastery in something?

What's the point and what is my final goal?

Happiness! As simple as that, we want to achieve certain goals to attain happiness.

As long as we feel happy, we feel successful in whatever objective we've set for ourselves.

This is an internal and individual state of mind but we all strive to be happy in one way or another.

You could be happy with very little wealth, and you could be miserable with all the wealth. What's important is the why which will unlock the path to truly being happy, and hopefully give some clarity into a life purpose.

4) “The Shortness of Life” - Seneca

Change your perspective of life. Appreciate every small detail in life and harness them to improve upon yourself. Did you realise that you actually breathe!?

You're unconsciously breathing of course, but taking a moment to pause and recognise this can reset a troubled mind, introduce inspiration and uplift your mood.

The book helps to achieve self-actualisation.

5) “The Power Of Now” - by Eckhart Tolle

The need to be present, in the now.

This book endeavors to show you that every minute that you spend concerned about the future or lamenting the past is a minute of life lost, because in reality, all we have to live in is the present, the now.

The Power Of Now seeks to give you actionable strategies to start living every minute in the present as it occurs.

There are many more titles which we could have included, but we felt these were the most influential to our personal growth with some raising unique ideas and processes in how a person could successfully and healthily progress in life.

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